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Climatology/Hydrology Division

November 25, 2020

About USA Weather

USA Weather is a not for profit organization dedicated to the timely and accurate dissemination of weather information to the public though our internet web sites, and warning the public of potentially dangerous weather conditions.

The organization was co-founded in late July of 2003 by (Storm Chaser) James Covington, KB9ZXY, and (Meteorologist) Don Sell, WB9TYJ.

USA Weather is staffed by volunteers who love weather and the science of meteorology, and enjoy forecasting.  USA Weather is owned and operated by it's staff.

Our primary operational goal is to open local forecast offices to eventually cover the entire contiguous 48 US States.

Ice storm that struck much of the Ohio Valley in January 2005.  Photo taken in Muncie, IN.
Photo by James Covington

About the Climate Division
The Climatology/Hydrology Division is part of USA Weather's National Forecast Center, and was formed in July of 2005. 

This division provides and is responsible for forecasts, Short Term Outlooks, and Public Weather Advisories that relate to fire danger, drought, and flood potential, for the contiguous 48 US States.

This division is USA Weather's authority on climate, and is staffed by Forecasters and Nowcasters who specialize in climatology and hydrology.

Within our email subscription system, Climate Division products can be subscribed to under the 3 letter code "CHD".

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An Explanation of Our Forecast Products
  • Daily Outlooks - Our daily outlooks cover day 1 (today), day 2 (tomorrow), and day 3 (day after tomorrow), and are in both graphical and text format. The graphics show what areas of the contiguous 48 US States can expect fire danger or flood potential.  The text then details the expected conditions.
  • Short Term Outlook - This product is a technical explanation of situations where significant and/or hazardous severe weather are expected, within the next few hours.  This is in both graphic and text formats.
  • Public Weather Advisory - This product details significant and/or hazardous severe weather that is expected within the next few hours, in a way that the public can easily understand. This is in both graphic and text formats.
  • 5-15 Day Outlooks - This text product details areas that can expect above or below normal temperatures and precipitation between 5 and 15 days from time of issuance. This product has two graphics, one for temperatures, and one for precipitation.

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